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Turbo Heat Protection

Turbo Heat Protection

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The most technologically advanced turbo shield ever!

We incorporated all our experience to build the absolute best turbo shield on the market. By developing advanced textiles and diving deep into what is needed to control turbo heat, we developed the GEN-3 TITANIUM Turbo Shield. A Silicone coated TITANIUM LR outer layer with multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers. Without a doubt the strongest, most heat resistant shield available.

Coated in silicone to insulate and hold up under extreme conditions.
Prevents fraying & encases seams to make them over 4 times stronger.
Thick layer of silica insulation keep heat in turbo shield and turbo housing.
Silica has a low thermal conductivity making one of the best insulators.
Stainless steel, glass fiber & silicone adds to insulating and thermal properties.
Increases seam strength, durability and insulation value.
Stainless Steel fabric holds up against the highest temps.
Will not break down or become brittle with heat.
Direct Heat Resistance: 1800°F
Radiant Heat Resistance: 2500°F
Size: T3
Color: Titanium
Kit: with shield/wire/wrap/ties
Measuring your turbo size
DEI Turbo shield sizes are based on two basic measurements. The first measurement is the circumference of the turbo not including the flange. The second measurement is the width of the turbo at it’s widest point not including the flanges. After measuring, refer to the chart below to find the correct shield.

Our T22 and T25/28 shields are designed for use on internally gated housings. They will have a cutout in the wastegate area to allow for a tight fitment.

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