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Model A Fords Power Window Kits

Model A Fords Power Window Kits

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Model A Fords

You can cruise in style when you use one of our power window conversion kits in your customized Model A. We engineered our kits to use our popular GM-style motors, and they're easy to install.

You'll need to drill four holes in each door (template provided), and you'll need to do some minor flange trimming. The complete kits come standard with chrome switches, wiring, and a flexible wire conduit.

Please note that these kits are not designed for use with wooden Briggs doors.

Tall Ts and Limited-Space Cars

If you're customizing a Tall T or other vintage vehicle that has less than eight inches below the window in the down position, this is the power window kit for you. It only requires 5 1/2 inches of clearance between the bottom of the glass and the bottom of the door.

Due to its design, it requires a larger access hole for installation than our regular Power Wonder-Lift conversion kits.

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