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1957 Chevy Passenger Car LED Tail Light CTL5720LED

1957 Chevy Passenger Car LED Tail Light CTL5720LED

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51 super bright red LEDs with high quality polycarbonate lens
• Epoxy coated, fully sealed electronics, 1157 plug
• Energy efficient solid-state circuit board for 12V DC systems
• Recommend to upgrade under dash flasher to item # 90652 or
90649 LED flasher
Item Number LEDs Lens

United Pacific LED taillights offer brilliant quality, innovation, and safety for your restoration. Rated for over 100,000 hours of operation, these taillights afford you many super-bright lights covered with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. All models feature solid-state construction and are epoxy coated. This makes them impervious to shock and vibration, while protecting LED diodes and electronics from moisture and corrosion. Installation is easy—simply plug them in! Light emitting diodes draw less from your car's electrical system, light up in microseconds, have no moving parts or filaments to break, and they operate in extreme temperatures. They're available in more than 100 variations for fitment on countless applications.

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